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Discover the delicious French dish of oeuf cocotte, also known as baked eggs. Perfect for a cozy breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Learn how to prepare this classic recipe with just three simple ingredients.

French Baked Eggs (Oeuf Cocotte)

Oeufs Cocotte (French baked eggs) Recipe Oeufs cocotte, also known as baked eggs, is a classic French breakfast dish that has been around for centuries. It’s an easy and indulgent way to start the day, perfect for brunch or a special occasion. Traditional recipes call for butter, cream and herbs to be added to the […]

Smoked Haddock Pasta Bake with Gruyere Recipe - This French inspired pasta bake is rich, creamy and delicious. Made with Gruyere cheese, it is incredibly cheesy and a tasty treat the whole family will enjoy. A Classic Seafood Mornay pasta bake with a French twist - a fish pasta bake ideal for an easy family dinner ideas.

Smoked Haddock & Gruyere Pasta Bake

Smoked Haddock & Gruyere Pasta Recipe I was recently browsing through one of my favourite cookbooks, The Little Paris Kitchen, by Rachel Khoo, when I found delicious inspiration in her recipe for Gratin Au Poisson Fumé. Gratin Au Poisson Fumé is a deliciously smoky potato bake with smoked haddock. However, rather than use potatoes, I thought […]

Provencal Traditional French Ratatouille Recipe - a classic French dish with slow-cooked summer vegetables, this vegetarian stew is vegan friendly and a thoroughly delicious treat. Filled with aubergine, courgettes, garlic, tomatoes and wine, it’s the perfect summer dinner served with bread. #frenchfood #frenchcuisine #frenchflavours #recipe #recipeideas #dinnerideas

The Tastiest Ratatouille

The Tastiest Ratatouille Recipe The other day, we were having a movie day when we started watching Ratatouille. Now, as I am sure is abundantly clear, I adore food and French cuisine is one of my favourites. However, I had never had the rustic summer vegetable stew that is ratatouille. Filled with the best of […]

My Sausage and White Bean Cassoulet is inspired by southern French cuisine at its finest. Slow-cooked with plenty of flavour, white wine, tomatoes bacon and beans, it’s like sausages bacon and beans on toast but a little bit fancy! A great dinner recipe and dinner idea. #recipe #recipes #dinnerideas #casserole #stews #slowcooked #slowcooker

Sausage & White Bean Cassoulet

My Sausage and White Bean Cassoulet is inspired by southern French cuisine at its finest. Slow-cooked with plenty of flavour with white wine, tomatoes, bacon and beans – the perfect comfort food!

A deliciously naughty dinner idea, this slow-cooked meatball bourguignon recipe is a modern twist on the French classic - an indulgent red wine sauce. #french #frenchcuisine #dinnerideas #yummy

Slow-cooked Meatball Bourguignon

A deliciously naughty dinner idea, this Slow-cooked Meatball Bourguignon is slow-cooked in a rich, red wine sauce.

This creamy white wine sauce with dijon mustrd and dill is inspired and evocative of French cuisine. Classic french cuisine and sauces paired perfectly with pork makes for an indulgent midweek meal and 30 minute meal perfect for family dinners. A great idea for dinner, and a pork recipe recipes the family will love #recipe #recipes #dinnerideas #porkrecipes #pork #french #frenchcuisine

Pork with Creamy White Wine and Mustard Sauce

Evocative of the flavours of Paris, a creamy and rich sauce that accompanies pork perfectly with dill, mustard, and white wine.

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