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Baked Jollof Rice with Chicken - this north African baked rice recipe is a delicious dinner idea for the whole family. Bursting with flavour, it’s an easy and very tasty rice recipe baked in the oven for light, yummy, perfectly cooked rice every time.

Baked Jollof Rice with Chicken

As someone with a gluten intolerance, I cook a lot of rice dishes at home. Now, I love, adore, and thrive on rich, flavoursome food. So of course, I like my rice with a whole lot of spice! However, now I have started going back to the office. Suddenly, I don’t have the time in […]

Wonderfully slow-cooked lamb tagine, with soft tender pieces of lamb slow-cooked in a tomato sauce. With apricots and lemons, and a wonderfully abundance of Moroccan spices to bring a deliciously easy-to-prepare dinner the whole family will enjoy. #africancuisine #moroccancuisine #recipe #recipes #lambrecipes #lamb #dinnerideas #dinner #slowcooked

Slow-Cooked Lamb Tagine

If you live (or have visited) the UK then you’ll be more than familiar with Mary Berry! The beloved chef has been warming our hearts and filling our bellies for decades. Though being an Australian, my knowledge of her is limited! I only know her through The Great British Bake Off, which she used to […]

A gorgeously vibrant chermoula recipe, with fresh zesty flavours. The perfect condiment for spicy food and seafood, or simply used as a dip at a party. Ready in a minute, chermoula recipe is sure to be a family favourite. #recipes #recipe #chermoula #cilantro #coriander #dip #condiment #sauce


This week we’ve been eating a lot of spicy foods. This is simply because my Chermoula recipe to accompany my Moroccan Chickpea Stew was so tasty. We’ve been having it with everything! And when a recipe is this easy and tasty? You know it’s one that gets made more often than not! The thing I […]

A spicy chickpea stew served with fresh and zesty chermoula, and lemon baked cod recipe. A quick and easy dinner recipe idea with vegetarian vegetable stew and baked cod with Morrocan influnces. #recipe #recipes #seafood #fish #stew #tagine #vegetarian #healthy #midweekmeal

Moroccan Chickpea Stew with Chermoula & Lemon Baked Cod

Today’s recipe is as colourful as it is tasty –  Moroccan Chickpea Stew with Chermoula and Lemon Baked Cod. Usually, I won’t post a recipe with more than one component to it, but these three recipes work together so perfectly I couldn’t resist. Let’s start with the chickpea stew. This recipe has the right amount […]

These spicy, oven baked chicken drumsticks are an easy and tasty way to dress up boring ol’ chicken! Sticky and spicy, this chicken drumstick recipe with harissa are an easy meal, perfect for dinner and midweek meals. #midweekmeals #dinnerideas #recipes #recipe #chickenrecipes

Sticky Oven Baked Chicken Drumsticks with Harissa & Honey

Today’s recipe of sticky oven baked chicken wings with harissa and honey is one of those super easy, mid-week meals that is thrown together in minutes. Toss all the ingredients into a container, give it a shake, and then let it marinade until you’re ready to cook. No mess, no fuss – the perfect dinner! […]

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