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Spiced Apple & Pear Loaf is a classic British cake loaf with amazing spiced and apple & pear flavours. It's an easy way to add perfectly spiced flavours to your meal! #baking #cake #dessert #recipe #homebaked

Spiced Apple & Pear Loaf

Spiced Apple & Pear Loaf

Shakshuka with Chorizo & Feta ( also known as Eggs in Purgatory ) is a Mediterranean brunch dish with amazing spicy and hearty flavours. It's an easy way to add Mediterannean flavours to your meal! #shakshuka #eggsinpurgatory #glutenfree #recipe #dinner

Shakshuka with Chorizo & Feta

Shakshuka with Chorizo & Feta Recipe I originally discovered Shakshuka (known as Eggs in Purgatory) via Nigella‚Äôs Nigellissima all the way back in 2012. Though, I think I may have discovered it via her TV show, rather than the book (although I have that too!). Ever since, on certain Saturday morning, as the sun shines […]

Pesto alla Genovese is a traditional Italian sauce made with amazing fresh herbs and pinenuts. It's an easy way to add rich flavours to your meal! #italian #pesto #cleaneating #recipe #glutenfree

Pesto alla Genovese

Pesto alla Genovese Recipe When cooking, I love having lots of options ready and available to cater to my every mood. It means cupboards full of spice mixes, and a fridge filled with sauces, marinades, and of course, pesto. Especially my favourite Pesto alla Genovese, also known as Green Pesto. Pesto is amazingly versatile and […]

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